Underground Cable Pulling Rope

Cordrope is a underground cable pulling rope manufacturer. Our electrical pull ropes are made up of 100% UHMPE or UHMPE core with high tenacity polyester sheath. They’re stiffer and tougher than your usual ropes, applying to fiber optic, electric cable, etc. The dyneema cable hauling rope can also work with wire tugger, cable tugger, circuit puller.

Material: 100% UHMWPE or UHMWPE core wiht PES jacket
Diameter: 2mm-25mm
Construction: 12 ply hollow braid or 24 ply double braid
Color: white, red, yellow, blue, green
Package: 100m-3000m each coil or reel
MOQ: 500m
Lead time: 8-30 days

Use our cable puller rope for pulling cable through underground conduit, is a easier job.

If you request other kinds of ropes, we can do them for you, such as aramid pulling line.

Rope in braiding before polyurethane coating. If you are a seller of underground cable pulling equipment or cable laying companies, we look forward to your reaching out.

We also provide overhead line stringing rope

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