Unbreakable Boot Lace

Cordrope is a unbreakable boot lace manufacturer in China. Our shoelaces are made of UHMWPE, the same material as the military’s bulletproof helmets. They are super lightweight and strong, stays tied tight, won’t break, won’t stretch, won’t freeze, resistant to water, abrasion, cut, corrosion, UV. 

Material: UHMWPE (equivalent to dyneema)
Diameter: 3.5mm or others
Construction: 16 strand braid or others
Color: black, gray, red, yellow, blue, green, etc.
Package: 130cm/piece, 160cm/piece, 180cm/piece or others
MOQ: 2,000 pieces
Lead time: 15-30 days

We make toughest laces for boots, skateboard shoes and other shoes.

You don’t need to worry the laces would be ripped any longer.

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