UHMWPE Windsurfing Line

Cordrope is windsurfing line manufacturer in China.

This rope is designed for windsurfers to rig sail or for the downhaul/outhaul/inhaul/tendon universal safety line. Made of UHMWPE, long lasting life through hardware alongside excellent cleating performance, super abrasion resistance and reduced friction around corners.

Material: UHMPE or nylon or polyester
Diameter: 3.8mm, 4mm, 4.5mm, 5mm, etc
Construction: 8 plait, 12 plait
Color: white, black, red, yellow, bule, green
Package: 1m-300m/piece
MOQ: 1000m/color
Lead time: 15-30 days

8 or 12 plait hollow braid, tight weave, equivalent to Formula X or Formuline from Marlow, runs smoothly on pulleys.

Pre-cut is accepted, such as 2m for 2 pulley roller mast extensions.

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