UHMWPE Tubular Webbing

Cordrope is a UHMWPE tubular webbing manufacturer. UHMPE tubular webbing is fit for round sling protection sleeve, providing protection facing the sharp edges and the cut risk.

Material: HMPE (compare with dyneema)
Diameter: 10mm-500mm
Thickness: 0.5mm-6mm
Color: white, black, red, etc.
Package: 50m-500m per piece
MOQ: 2000m
Lead time: 7-37 days

Hollow HMPE webbing’s characteristics:

High strength, excellent UV resistance
Stretch little, even in water
Easy and fast sling insertion.
Superb resistance to every kind of abrasion.
Superb tear resistance under extreme pressure.

Hollow tubular webbings made of aramid or technora or vectran are also realizable for us. 

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