Cordrope is a UHMWPE guy Line manufacturer. This accessory cord is ultra light and strong, no tangle, easy to tie, great used as tent or tarp guide line, laundry line, drawcord, etc. Our hammock structural ridgeline, whoopie sling, dog bone, rain fly guyline, tent awning rope/tent peg rope/tent stake line/tent tie string/storm guy rope, are perfect assist for backpacking.

Dyneema or spectra is a trademark of high modulus polyethylene. We use best HMPE fibres to make our outdoor ultralight cordage.

Material: UHMWPE core with polyester sheath and reflective stripe
Diameter: 1.3mm-3mm
Construction: 8 or 12 or 16 strand braided
Color: black, red, yellow, blue, green, grey, etc
Package: 50m-1500m/reel
MOQ: 3000m
Lead time: 11-25 days
Luminous/fluorescent/glow in the dark is available as well.

Our camping gear ropes were sold to USA, Germany, Japan.

Customize the specification based on requests. Same quality as Lawson Equipment.

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