UHMWPE Bear Line

Cordrope is a bear bag line manufacturer. Hanging food for hiking or camping in bear country is necessary, bear cord is a important gear in bear bag pulley system. Our bear rope is made by 100% UHMWPE fiber, high-vis color with reflective tracer. It is ultra strong, ultra light and ultra slick, holds knots well. This bear bag rope slides over tree limb easily and won’t get hung up. We recommend no less than 2mm diameter, thus it’s tangle free and easy to grab.

Protect food safety from bears, rodents, and other animals with our lightweight rope for bear bag.

Material: 100% HMPE (compare with dyneema)
Diameter: 1.8mm-3.5mm
Construction: 16 strand double braid or 12 strand single braid
Color: red, yellow, blue, green, black, white,etc.
Package: 50ft-5000ft/piece
MOQ: 10,000ft
Lead time: 10-25 days

Our bear hang rope brings less harm to trees than other cords.

Select our throw line to join bear bag, odor proof storage bag, rock sack, carabiner, set up the PCT method or Two-Tree method or Counterbalance method of anti bear bagging instead of heavy and bulky bear canister.

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