Tugboat Rope

Cordrope is a tugboat rope manufacturer in China.

We supply tug backer line, tug mainline, tug pendant, additional tug working lines, berthing hawser, etc. Our products can be used by harbour tug boat, offshore tugboat, etc. Suitable for pulling ships, barges, tug vessels, yachts, etc.

Marine salvage ropes for your ocean going rescue tugs, are at your disposal as well.

Tugboat Rope towing hawser

Material: UHMWPE
Diameter: 5mm-150mm
Construction: 8 strand, 12 strand, double braided
Color: red,yellow,blue,green,white,etc.
Package: 50m-1000m/piece
MOQ: 500m
Lead time: 10-40 days

We customize towing hawsers as specified by purchasers' orders.

If you are nautical salvage companies or ship assist tug companies specilized in towage services including river towing, marine towing, offshore towing, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Right sheet is the parameters of 12 strand UHMWPE ropes.

HMPE mooring line breaking strength