Stage Rigging Rope

Cordrope is a Stage Rigging Rope manufacturer in China.

The fly rope of a theatre rigging system enables the stage crew to fly curtains, lights, scenery and other stage effects. Theatrical rigging must be safe and quiet. We advise black UHMWPE ropes, can carry heavy loads and are ultralight, black cover makes them invisible on stage. When heat resitance of the ropes is necessary, aramid fibers such as Kevlar and Technora are suited.

theatrical rigging rope

Material: 100% UHMPE or 100% aramid or polyester sheath with aramid core
Diameter: 2mm-18mm
Construction: 12 strand hollow braid or double braid
Color: black, gray, white,etc.
Package: 10m-1000m/piece
MOQ: 1000m
Lead time: 10-30 days


We produce ropes used as stunt rope, theatre rope, stage rope, circus rigging rope, entertainment rigging rope, event rigging rope, concert rigging rope, arena rigging rope, etc.

Welcome theater rigging companies, stage rigging companies, entertainment rigging companies to reach out.


stage rigging rope