Square Kevlar Roller Rope

Cordrope is a square braided kevlar roller rope manufacturer.

Comparing roller wraps made of round braided ropes, which are inclined to be flatten out and get elliptical, particularly when running heavy glass. This commonly causes uneven roller heights during the quench section, resulting in the glass to skew under processing. Our kevlar flat ropes resist deformation and keep a consistent roller height throughout the range.

Welcome manufacturers of glass tempering machines/glass toughening furnaces to use our high temperature resistant kevlar oven roller tapes and ropes.


tempered glass maker Square Kevlar Roller Rope

Material: kevlar aramid
Width: 5/16 inch-1/2 inch
Thickness: 1/8''- 1/4''
Construction: 16 plait hollow braid
Color: origin
Package: 50m-1500m per piece
MOQ: 1000m
Lead time: 5-35 days

Custom ropes are availble for your tempered glass makers.