Speargun Reel Line

Cordrope is a spearfishing line manufacturer, including speargun reel line, shooting line, wishbone line,etc.

Our cords are made of uhmwpe, very strong and lightweight, can be soft or stiff as customers need (wax coating is available), no tangle, we use high-visibility colors, suit underwater spear for carp, tuna, lionfish, flounder, salmon even sharks. We can add reflective tracer on the rope, for spearfishing at night.

dyneema speargun reel line

Material: polyester sleeve with dyneema/spectra/kevlar core OR 100% dynenma/spectra
Diameter: 1.4mm-2.8mm
Construction: 16 strand diamond braid
Color: white, black, red, yellow, blue, green, etc.
Package: 45m-2000m/reel
MOQ: 2000m
Lead time: 5-25 days

Our spearfishing reel lines are the favourite gears for leisure or commercial spearfishers. Many shops around Shore Florida buy reels and cords from us.

The materials, diameters, colors, hardness, length each spool could be customized for you requirements.

Welcome retail stores, wholesalers and distributors of speargun lines contact us. More quantity, cheap price, please let us know your rough quantity, so that we can check the best price for you.

dyneema spearfishing reel line