Slackline Pulley Rope

Cordrope is a slackline pulley rope manufacturer. Our slackline pulley rope is composed of dyneema core and kevlar cover, it can be connected with any line grip. Very lightweight but robust, it is a part of ultralight longline set which is the most lightweight way to setup long or extra long slackline.

Material: dyneema core with kevlar jacket
Diameter: 5mm or others
Structure: diamond braid
Color: gray, orange, red, yellow, blue, black, etc.
Length: 15-2000m/piece
MOQ: 2000m
Delivery time: 10-30 days

No slackliner likes carry heavy gears to outdoor slackspot, take our tension ropes for lightweight tricklines/highlines setup, easy tensioning at a quite small size. You won’t wish a big backpack for your equipments any longer.

We manufacture dyneema whoopie sling as well, sizes 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, etc.

Welcome slackline brands email us to talk in detail.

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