Seismic Towing Rope

Cordrope is a seismic towing rope manufacturer.

Marine geophysical surveys are broadly aimed at oil and natural gas exploration, they are also suitable for other goals containing siting for offshore wind farms and locating sand and gravel for coastal restoration.

UHMPE seismic towing lines are ultra strong and lightweight, resistant to harsh environments, easily eye spliced, very low creep and elasticity, they’re resistant to chemicals and corrosion. HMPE ropes are convenient on vessels’ equipment, sheaves, and streamer winches,etc.

seismic towing rope

Material: UHMWPE
Diameter: 2mm-100mm
Construction: 12 plait single braid
Color: red,yellow,blue,green,etc.
Package: 5m-2000m per piece
MOQ: 1000m
Lead time: 5-40 days

Marine seismic acquisition and date are important for locating oil and gas deposits.

If you are a offshore seismic survey company, welcome to use our cordages for your equipment and seismic ships.

We also manufacture HMPE mooring lines