Pull Starter Cord

We’re pull starter cord manufacturer in China.

Our dyneema starter cord is the world’s strongest, most durable, unbreakable starter rope, ideal substitute for polyester or nylon cable. You will never need to purchase new start ropes again and again, save you time and money from frequent pull cord replacements, numerous tool hire companies and landscapers have realized this.

We have different sizes of pull strings to fit lawn mower, trimmer, snow blower, leaf blower, yard machine tiller, pressure washer, generator, chainsaw, concrete saw, go kart, atv, snowmobile, outboard motor, etc.

recoil starter rope replacement

Material: dyneema or kevlar
Diameter: 2.5mm-6mm
Construction: 8 or 16 strand diamond braid
Colour: white or white with red flecks or others
Length: 30m-1800m per roll
MOQ: 1500m
Lead time: 9-29 days

These high-powered starter cords can repeat the starting of engines through out the work day.

We also supply kevlar recoil starter rope, heat resistant, awesome for extremely hot applying, such as turbo charged or custom engine builds.

Whether small or big engine, petrol or diesel, our pull start ropes can meet you.


dyneema pull starter cord