PP Split Film Rope

Split film polypropylene rope is made of pp and pe, also titled as raffia rope. It is lighter weight than mono rope or polysteel rope. Floatable, inert to chemicals, rot.

It's ordinarily used for securing tarpaulin on trailer and lorry, hauling underground electrical wire or cable, etc.

6mm, 3 strand (2 bule, 1 yellow), 400m/roll, 6.6kg/roll, 600kg breaking strength, is known as telstra rope in Australia. As a draw cord to pull fiber optic through conduit. We're one of the reliable manufacturers and suppliers of telstra rope in China.

PP Split Film Rope

Starting material: polypropylene Splitfilm
Diameter: 1mm-12mm
Structure: 3 strand twisted
Colour: white, black, red, yellow, blue, green,etc.
Lead time: 10-30 days
Coil package: 20m-1400m/coil

split film pp rope


Hank Package: 10m-50m/hank

pp splitfilm rope reel


Spool Package: 200m-1000m/spool