PP Fishing Rope

Cordrope is a PP fishing rope manufacturer in China. Polypropylene rope, also called pp danline rope or polysteel rope.

Our fishing boat ropes are tough, long lifespan, water resistant, moisture resistant, and floating in the water.

Material: polypropylene danline
Diameter: 4mm-40mm
Construction: 3 or 4 strand twisted
Color: white with blue and red stripe or others
Package: 100m-800m/roll
MOQ: 4 tons
Lead time: 5-29 days

Fishermen in Malaysia and Indonesia like to use this superdan rope. The degree of twist can be medium or hard lay.

Polyethylene fishing rope is available as well.

No matter fishing companies, or fishing gear manufacturers or distributors, welcome to try our fishnet ropes.

Our 200~300 tons monthly production capacity could meet any order demand.

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