Polysteel Mooring Rope

Cordrope is a polysteel mooring rope manufacturer. Polysteel is a high tensile material made from 75% polypropylene and 25% polyethylene, also known as danline rope. 8 strand polysteel rope is great for mooring line – a great affordable option. Polysteel is also becoming favored as a mooring riser.

Main properties:
High break loads, 18% elongation at break
Rough surface, superior abrasion resistance
UV-stabilized, non absorbent, resistance to chemically active habitat
specific weight – 0,93 g/сm3 (buoyant)
melting temperature – 150°C

Material: polysteel
Diameter: 18mm-90mm
Construction: 3 or 8 or 12 strand
Color: white, red, yellow, blue, green, etc. 
Package: 110m-600m/roll
MOQ: 5 tons
Lead time: 8-35 days

If requested, loops in different length with chafe protection is available at the end of rope. 110 m, 220 m per roll or bespoke length is ok.

We also braid quality HMPE mooring line with very reasonable prices. Welcome traders of vessel anchoring equipment message us.

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