Logging Winch Rope

Cordrope is a synthetic logging winch ropes manufacturer. For instance below:

1. Dragging ropes for farm tractor skidding winches, skid steer skidding winches, skid steer grapple winches, cable skidders.
2. Lifting ropes for arch winches of log haulers.
3. Hauling ropes for winches of log loading trailers (log grapple trailers) or log dump trailers.
4. Pull cords for sawmill log loading winches.
5. Pulling ropes for winches of commercial wood chippers.

Material: 100% UHMWPE
Diameter: 3mm-75mm
Construction: 12 strand hollow braid
Color: red, yellow, blue, green, orange,etc.
Package: 10m-1000m/piece
MOQ: 1000m
Lead time: 10-30 days

Other forestry ropes are also possible, such as synthetic log choker which used with tree skidding cone together. And the tower yarder rope.

We’re are finding new usages that our forest ropes maybe competent in, such as rope for winch assist timber harvesting in steep slope, and logging dozer winch rope.

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