HMPE Mooring Rope

Cordrope is a HMPE mooring rope manufacturer and supplier in China. Lighter, safer, strong docking for container vessels, cruise ships, LNG, VLCC, tugboats, luxury yachts, bulk carriers, etc.

Large ship mooring lines made of nylon and polyester are too bulky and heavy. Berthing ropes consist of UHMWPE have proven to be a very workable solution, much lighter weight and easier to manage than other hawsers, as strong as steel wire ropes in the same diameters. Dyneema mooring hawsers are around 60% of the sizes and 30% of the weight of equally strong PES or polyamid ropes.

HMPE Mooring Rope

Material: HMPE or Dyneema® or Kevlar®
Diameter: 30mm-200mm
Construction: multiplait (8 strand, 12 strand, double braided)
Color: red,yellow,blue,green,white,etc.
Package: 50m-1000m per piece
MOQ: 150m
Lead time: 10-40 days

We tailor uhmwpe mooring ropes in accordance with your necessity.

Please see the HMPE mooring line breaking strength on the right sheet. We also produce kevlar mooring lines.

Our products have passed marine mooring rope certificates: China(CCS), US(ABS), UK(LR), Germany(GL), France(BV), Norway(DNV), Japan(NK), Russia(RS).

HMPE mooring line breaking strength