1. You are a trading company or manufacturer, what products you make?

Cordrope is a manufacturing and trading combo in China, produce plastic ropes and combination steel ropes, such as commercial fishing rope, lobster rope, crab rope, mussel rope, pull rope, tie down rope, jungle gym rope, ultralight backpacking cord,etc.


2. What payment terms you accept?

We accept T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, Payoneer, etc. Paypel is available for courier fee. USD, EUR, Yen, AUD, CAD, RMB, each one is fine for us.


3. What’s the lead time?

Normally, the lead time is 10-30 days, please reach our sales for specific time.


4. What is the minimum order quantity(MOQ)?

Usually, the MOQ is 2 tons for plastic rope or 1000meters for 16mm playground rope.


5. Can I get a sample to check the quality before the order?

Yes,you can. If the samples you request are not much, they are free, you just need to call DHL or UPS to pick up samples from our location, or give us your consignee account number for freight collection or you can send courier fee to us, we pay the express charge for you.


6. What should do when I receive damaged or low quality goods from your company?

Please take pictures of the bad products and let us find out the reason asap, if it’s our fault, we would compensate for your wastage immediately.Actually you don’t have to worry about the quality, as we have specialized production department and shipping forwarders.


7. How Can I get right price quoted?

Please let us know the information below of products you need.

1. Material. PP or Polyester or Nylon?

2. Diameter.

3. Color.

4. Package.

5. Order quantity.

6. Your other requests.

You can also send us your samples directly, we can figure out the technical parameters when we see them.