Dyneema Trawl Line

Cordrope is a dyneema trawl line manufacturer. One kind of dyneema trawl warp is 12 strand single braided rope made of HMPE, applied for sweep line, backstrop, gilson, headline, ribline and spliced mesh. Another kind is combined dyneema core with polyester jacket. Low creep, improved abrasion protection, safer handling; no backlash against rupture, lower friction over winch drum, around 3 times longer shelf life than traditional steel warps.

Material: 100% dyneema or polyester core with HMPE cover
Diameter: 4mm-70mm
Construction: 12 plait hollow braid or double braid
Color: red, yellow, blue, green, black, etc.
Package: 100m-2000m per piece
MOQ: 1000m
Lead time: 7-35 days

Welcome to use our trawler ropes on commercial fishing vessels for pelagic trawling including midwater trawling, demersal trawling/benthic trawling.

We produce trawl line according to clients’ demands. If you are trawl net manufacturer, or trawl gear supplier or trawling company, please call us.

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