Dyneema Sailing Rope

Cordrope is a dyneema sailing rope manufacturer. Our sailboat rope is made of dyneema which is ultra lightweight and floatable on the sea. It’s resistant to water and UV. Polyurethane coating gives better abrasion resistance.

Dyneema chafe guard is anti-chafing, bring good protection to the maritime ropes. 

Material: aramid or dyneema or polyester with dyneema core
Diameter: 2mm-15mm
Construction: 12 plait hollow braid or 24 plait double braid
Color: red, yellow, blue, green, white, black,etc.
Package: 5m-1000m per piece
MOQ: 700m
Lead time: 12-30 days

We produce following dyneema marine ropes: standing rigging, halyard, jib sheet, furling line, lashing line, leech line, reefing line, strop, centerboard cable, lifeline, anchor rope, boat winch rope and dyneema chafe sleeve, etc.

Raw materials, diameters, constructions, colors, packages can be custom-built. 

If you wish to order dyneema yacht rope and sailboat jackline, please let us know.

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