Dyneema Rope


Dyneema is an UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) fiber, the strongest and lightest fibre in the world, more than 10 times stronger than steel by weight, 40% higher strength than kevlar.

Besides extremely high strength, dyneema rope is very lightweight, float on water, no capacity loss in water, superior water and chemical resistance, won't root. Low stretch, low creep. First rate UV resistance, no need UV protective coating. Excellent abrasion resistance, cut resistance and flex fatigue.

16 strand dyneema rope


Material: dyneema/spectra/uhmwpe/hmpe
Diameter: 1mm-80mm
Construction: 8,16,24,32 plait diamond braided or 12 strand single braided (hollow core) or 16,24 ply double braided
Color: white,black,red,yellow,blue,green,orange
Lead time: 10-30 days
Package: 10m-1500m/spool or hank

HS code: 56074900


Dyneema is ideal for outdoor sport use: spearfishing line, kite line, paracord, hammock suspension system, ultralight guyline, bear bag rope, swing rope, rope ladder, etc.

Marine: yacht anchor line, ship mooring rope, boat sailing rope, standing rigging, halyard, trapeze line, jib sheet, lifeline, etc.

Commercial Fishing: trawl warp, sweepline, etc.

Hauling: winch rope, towing rope, crane rope, cable pulling rope, deep sea lowering and lifting, etc.

Arborist: arborist throw line, arborist pulling rope

Stunt: film or teleplay production

Starter cord. Dog leash. Shoelaces. Wire rope replacement.

We can also make dyneema-cored line with polyester cover, this cordage is more economic than 100% full dyneema, and good performance.  With kevlar sheath, can be flame retardant. If customers need any other jackets, we can also customize the cable.