Dyneema Lifting Sling

Cordrope is a dyneema lifting sling manufacturer. Our HMPE slings can be used for heavy duty lifting in all kinds of industries, such as below.

1. steel mill. synthetic lifting sling used by coil lifter or steel plate handler.
2. pressure vessel. used at cranes for transportation and installation.
3. petrochemical plant. rigging sling for pipe and other refinery equipments.
4. hydroelectric station. fibre rope sling used for lifting rotor in stator inspection.
5. wind farm. dyneema lifting rope for wind turbine installation, like foundation (monopile + transition piece), and components (tower, blade, nacelle).
6.offshore oil and gas production system. crane sling for installation of offshore platform and subsea infrastructure (bop, wellhead, tree, manifold, jumper, riser)

hmpe slings

Material: ultra high molecular weight polyethylene
Diameter: 10mm-250mm
Construction: 12 strand hollow braid or double braided
Color: white, black, red, yellow, blue, green, orange,etc.
Package: 5m-1000m/piece
MOQ: 10m-1000m
Lead time: 10-30 days

Metal slings are heavy, hard to handle, potentially dangerous, and perhaps hurt workmen and high value loads. Crews enjoyed the way the lightweight soft slings operated.

Besides lifting ropes sling, we also braid dyneema crane rope

Welcome steel mill suppliers, dam building companies, refinery contractors, offshore contractors and other companies try our dyneema grommet sling.

dyneema lifting sling