Dyneema Crane Rope

Cordrope is a dyneema crane rope manufacturer in China.

Synthetic crane rope is flexible, easy handling, corrosion resistance, and operated without lubricants. Furthermore, it is not nonconducting, which is benefit for power plant applications.

Synthetic wire ropes for cranes are ideal for cleanrooms in many industries, such as pharmaceutical, semi-conductor, food, chemical, and the aerospace, defence and solar power. Our crane ceiling rope is rustfree, but oil used for lubricate steel wire ropes may pollute clean operations.

Our crane hoist ropes in harbour and on offshore platforms avoid salt-spray corrosion.

dyneema crane rope

Material: polyester or nylon cover with HMPE core, OR 100% HMPE
Diameter: 1/2'', 9/16'', 5/8'', 3/4'', 13/16'', 7/8'', 1'', etc.
Construction: 12 strand single braided or double braided
Colour: orange,red,yellow,blue,black,grey,etc.
Length: 25ft-250ft/piece
MOQ: 200-1000m
Lead time: 15-40 days

We also customize the crane rigging rope/crane hook rope as clients' asking.

Our crane lifting ropes are suitable for auxiliary winches of overhead crane, bridge crane, tower crane, jib crane, lattice boom crane, crawler crane, ringer crane, pedestal crane, offshore crane, marine crane, subsea crane, deck crane, active heave compensation crane (ahc winch), rough terrain crane, tracked crane, truck mountain crane, knuckle boom crane , rotator wrecker, spider crane,etc.

If you need purchase gantry crane rope, mobile crane hoist rope, hydra crane rope, rough terrain crane rope, digger derrick winch rope, boom truck winch rope, pickup truck crane rope, our crane winch ropes are your cost-effective option.

Except the crane load rope, we also manufacture dyneema lifting sling

Welcome crane manufacturers, crane parts suppliers and heavy lifting companies get in touch with us.

synthetic wire rope for crane