Barge Mooring Line

Cordrope is a barge mooring line manufacturer. ​Barge is connected to sea floor by catenary lines which put force on the barge so that it can remain close to target position. Our mooring lines can work for accommodation barge, dredging barge and pipelay barge, crane barge,etc.

​Offshore support barge is moored near to offshore jacket or platform. It have 4 or 8 point mooring system.

Crane barge conducts heavy lifting. It have 8 or 12 point mooring system.

Pipe laying barge move on the set track of pipe laying and barge moves with certain speed. Continuous engagement of mooring winch is needed thus barge may keep its direction.

barge mooring line rope

Material: UHMPE or polyester UHMPE blend
Diameter: 5mm-300mm
Construction: 12 strand or double braid
Color: red,orange,blue,green,etc.
Package: 100m-2000m/roll
MOQ: 150m
Lead time: 10-35 days

Whatever barge mooring system you design, we can produce the ropes according to your requirements.