Arborist Throw Line

Cordrope is a arborist throw line supplier in China.

Our target throw ropes are constructed from uhmwpe/spectra/dyneema core with polyethylene cover or 100% uhmwpe/spectra/dyneema, braided firmly to prevent abrasion and snagging. Ultra strong, smooth, run easily over branches enabling lighter throw weights. Wax coating enhances the glide and anti friction.

Solid color or striped pattern, high visibility in the tree.

arborist throw line

Material: uhmwpe/spectra/dyneema core with polyethylene sheath or 100% uhmwpe or 100% polyethylene
Diameter: 1.7mm-3.2mm
Construction: 8 or 12 or 16 carrier braid
Color: red,yellow,blue,green,orange,black,white,etc.
Package: 150', 180', 200', 1000', 2000'/reel,etc
MOQ: 2500m
Lead time: 10-30 days

We supply 50m mini spools. Our arborist throwline work with storage cube, bean bag and launcher nicely, assist for your tree climbing exceedingly well.

In addition, we also make tree pulling rope , hitch line and other tree service ropes, please kindly send us all you want, we will fill your needs.

tree climbing throw line reel