Aramid Braided Sleeve

Cordrope is a aramid braided sleeve manufacturer. Aramid wrap is soft, flexible and easy to install, used to bundle and/or protect wires, cables, hoses, pipes and wire harnesses under aerospace, military and other extreme environments. Aramid has a unique combination of durability, pliability and high tensile strength. It owns excellent thermal stability allowing long-period use at temperatures up to 160° C/320° F without significant strength loss.

Expandable braided sleeving, 1-2 expansion ratio. Cuts easily with kevlar scissors.

Material: aramid 
Size: 1/8”- 5”
Construction: 16 or 32 or 48 strand hollow braid
Color: yellow, red, black ,etc
Package: 30m-1500m per piece
MOQ: 1000m
Lead time: 10-40 days

The couple knitted aramid covers are in the images. 

Aramid tubular webbing is also available.

Personalized customization is supported to meet orders’ needs.

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