Aerostat Tether

Cordrope is a Aerostat Tether and Weather Balloon Tether manufacturer.

Aerostat is an unmanned, aerodynamically shaped vehicle which uses buoyant forces to keep a high position, and utilizes active control for stabilization. The aerostat is made with a large fabric envelope filled with helium gas. It is fixed to the ground by tether cable and is capable of supporting a payload, which is commonly a camera system.

Weather forecasting balloon is a balloon (specifically a type of high altitude balloon) that carries instruments aloft to collect information on atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity and wind speed through a measuring device called a radiosonde.

Our ropes can be used for for tethered aerostat radar system, wasp aerostat (winch aerostat small platform), promotional blimp, airship, dirigible, zeppelin, atmospheric balloon, etc.

tether cable for dirigible, blimp, zeppelin, weather balloon

Material: Aramid or HMPE or others
Diameter: 2mm-60mm
Construction: 8 or 12 or 24 or 32 or 48 plait braid
Color: black, white, red, yellow, blue, etc.
Package: 10m-1000m/piece
MOQ: 1000m
Lead time: 10-30 days


No matter LTA aircraft (lighter than air aircraft), such as pgss aerostat (persistent ground surveillance system), border surveillance blimp, advertising blimp, OR meteorological balloon, we will find a tether solution for you.

Welcome aerostat manufacturers, blimp service companies and other companies contact us.

aerostat tether cable