PP Rope,PE Nylon Rope,Dyneema Hmpe Rope Manufacturer

Cordrope is a pp rope, pe nylon rope, uhmwpe/hmpe/spectra/dyneema rope, playground rope manufacturer, supplier and exporter in China since 2010, with 14000㎡ factory and 65 professional workers. We have been manufacturing plastic ropes and steel reinforced ropes for 11 years. The material of synthetic rope and twine is pp/hdpe monofilament or pp danline/polysteel or pp splitfilm or dyneema/spectra/uhmwpe/hmpe. Diameter 1mm-60mm. 3 or 4 strand twisted / 8 or 12 or 16 plait diamond braided / double 16 or 24 strand braided. Combination wire rope is polypropylene or polyester or nylon multifilament with steel core. 16mm-22mm. 6 strand twisted. Color: white, black, red, yellow, blue, green, orange, brown, polyhemp, tiger, etc. Our cordages are mainly used for commercial fishing net, lobster trap, crab pot, mussel farm, cargo truck, tarpaulin, mooring, scraper winch, playground climbing equipment, adventure ropes course and general purposes, etc.

Our Product Category

Polypropylene Danline Rope

Polypropylene Split Film Rope

Polyethylene Monofilament Rope

Polyethylene Twine

Dyneema Rope

Playground Rope

Why Choose Us

1. High Quality. As the leading manufacturing company of plastic fibre ropes in China, we only make high quality products. Our polyprop ropes and steel reinforced ropes are made of best virgin raw materials, excellent abrasion resistance, long lasting and high breaking strength, can meet all kinds of usages.
2. Cheap Price. All the productive processes of cordages are finished in our own factory. We have modern production lines, such as intelligentized pe mono filament fiber extruders, polysteel yarn extruders, pp split film extruders, uhmwpe fiber extruder, ring twisters, 4 or 3 strand rope twisting machines, 6 strand combination wire rope twisting machines, 8/12/16/24/32 plait rope braiding machines,etc.
3. Rich Experience. We have exported our ropes and twines to 32 countries, such as USA, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, India, Turkey, Iran, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Nambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa,etc.
4. Provide OEM. We do custom made rope and support OEM for our clients worldwide.
5. Fast Delivery. There are 60 full-time laborers with 3-21 years experience of rope making in our workshop, we can arrange, produce and complete your bulk orders quickly. And we are in very good connection with our sea shipping forwarders, they ensure rapid and safe transport.
6. Prompt Reply. Very fast respond to your inquiry and any other further emails, commonly within 30 minutes. Welcome to contact us now, we will try our best to be your 100% satisfied supplier.

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